The Examination wing is an important part of the Institution. The Prime responsibility of Examination wing is conducting the University Theory and Practical examinations in fair and systematic manner under the directions of the Chief Superintendent of Examinations. Examination wing is also responsible for conducting Internal examinations (3 per semester) and a Model examination.

Functions of the Examination Wing

  • Any Circular, Guideline, Office Order, Notification received by the College are processed in the Examination wing, reply thereof prepared and after Principal’s signature dispatched to the University.
  • Examination Notices received from the University are duly served to all concerned.
  • The notices for University indicating detail the last date of fee collection, modalities of payments of fine etc.
  • The Examination wing coordinates the conduct of Internal Assessment Exams, Model Exam and University Theory and Practical Examinations for all the UG and PG programmes.
  • Preparation of smooth conduct of examinations, invigilation duty chart, seat allotment in the examination halls etc.

Exam Wing Members

  1. Principal                 – Chief Superintendent
  2. S.Anitha                  – Co-ordinator
  3. T.MehaTaj              – Member
  4. R.Bhuvaneshwari  – Member
  5. P.Asha                      – Member
  6. Ms.AR.Kayalvizhi   – Member

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