Research Cell & Journal

The Research Cell is dedicated to fostering a vibrant culture of research and innovation within our institution. Our primary objective is to promote and support research endeavours among faculty, researchers, and students across diverse disciplines. Through various initiatives and resources, the research cell facilitates the generation of new knowledge, insights, and discoveries that contribute to academic excellence and societal advancement. Cell actively encourage collaboration and networking, both within our institution and with external partners, to catalyse interdisciplinary research and maximize impact. 


To establish a conducive environment within the College that nurtures a robust research culture, supported by comprehensive research frameworks and guidelines.
To foster awareness and avenues for research and development (R&D) among both students and faculty members, promoting a research-centric ethos across all departments.
To organize and facilitate seminars, workshops, and faculty development programs (FDPs) aimed at enhancing research competencies and knowledge dissemination.




Associate Professor and Head,
PG Department of Computer Science.


Dr.R.Beema Shafreen,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Biotechnology

Events organized

Seminar on Writing & Publishing Technique

How to write a Research Article – Seminar

Webinar on Prominence of Intellectual Property Right

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