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Department of Commerce with Computer Applications

The Commerce with Computer Application Department was started in 2006 at the inception of the college with an intake of 39 students which is now 180 and is offering B.Com (CA) Course. The department aims to provide necessary strength to enable the students to innovate and become entrepreneurs through technical advancement. Besides formal education the department imparts the highly essential qualities of team spirit, dedication and the Art of Leadership to its wards. The Department is well equipped with good Lab facilities with high end Configuration. With a good team of young teachers who has apt knowledge the department has produced a good number of ranks at the University Level in the First Batch.

M.Com (CA) is a two year post graduate course. At present all business houses are using computer for maintaining their accounts using different types of accounting software. Hence there is a demand for accounting professionals with strong computer background. Further this course has high scope for employment opportunities and is ideally suited for girls.

Staff Members in Commerce with Computer Application

Staff Name Qualification view
Dr.B.Kavitha M.Com. M.Phil., Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1541″]
Ms. S.R.P.Vijaya M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A [popup_anything id=”1545″]
Ms.M.Jothi Muthu M.Com., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1546″]
Ms.R.Sudha M.Com., M.Phil. [popup_anything id=”1551″]
M.Sumathi M.Com. M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1552″]
R.Bhuvaneswari M.Sc.,MTech.,CSE., [popup_anything id=”1553″]
R.Saranya M.Sc(cs),M.Phil [popup_anything id=”1554″]
G.Meenalogini, M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1555″]
P.Sethuppriya M.Com (CA)., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1556″]

Department of Business Administration

Staff Name Qualification view
Ms.S. Anitha M.C.S., M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDPM & IR, SET [popup_anything id=”1560″]
Ms.S.Shanthi MBA, SET., [popup_anything id=”1561″]
Ms.Tharakai M.A (Eco) , M.A (Pub.Adm), M.Phil (Lab. Studies) [popup_anything id=”1562″]
M.Sathiya H.Fom., MBA., [popup_anything id=”1563″]
C. Banu Priya MBA, [popup_anything id=”1564″]

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was started in 2006 at the inception of the College. Within two years of its establishment there is a rapid growth in the strength of our department. At Present nearly 80 Students are doing their degree and there are three technically competent well qualified dedicated members of the staff. The department has a strong commitment to a high standard of Academic excellence and aims to provide the sound foundation of Mathematics to the students.

Mathematics is the basic subject for all science subjects. In general , women students are fond of teaching profession. As Maths teachers are always in a high demand in academic society, many girls are fond of , instead of women students. Opt for M.Sc (Mathematics) course. Further large number of girls have taken a passion to study Mathematics at UG & PG Level with ease and ability.

Staff Members in Mathematics

Name Qualification View
N.Meenakshi M.Sc., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1566″]
B. Kaleeswari M.Sc., M.Phil.,B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1567″]
Ms. T. Mehataj M.Sc., M. Phil., [popup_anything id=”1568″]
Ms. S. P. Jaya M.Sc., M. Phil., [popup_anything id=”1570″]
Ms. SP.Kalaiselvi M.Sc., M.Phil, B,Ed., [popup_anything id=”1569″]
Ms. C. SasiRekha M.Sc., M. Phil., [popup_anything id=”1572″]
Ms. S. Dhivya M.Sc., B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1573″]
Ms. N. Kokila M.Sc., M. Phil., [popup_anything id=”1574″]
K. Ramalakshmi M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1575″]
P. Kamala M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1576″]

Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information technology was started in 2006 at the inception of the college with 39 students and 6 Staff members. Now the department has both UG and PG Programmes. The PG Course was established in 2009 with an intake of 12 students. The aim of the department is to provide quality education to the students and impart excellence in Information Technology in them. It focuses on providing sound theoretical background as well as a good practical exposure to the students. It also aims at producing individuals who can successfully meet the rigorous demands of the information age. The department is equipped with good lab facilities with 60 systems of high end configuration. The department has a team of 6 energetic and dynamic members of the faculty. The department has produced university ranks in the first batch. The department has witnessed this proud moment of excellence in academics which is the result of the untiring efforts of the prudent staff members and students.

The Department takes proud of producing, University First three Ranks from the year of inception of the college. Being the first Post Graduate course in the college, the department once again feels proud of bagging the first three university Rank in M.Sc(IT).

Staff Members in Information Technology

Name Qualification View
L.Visalatchi M.Sc(.IT)., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1578″]
Ms. S. JeyaBharathy M.Sc(.IT)., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1579″]
Ms. K.S Praba M.C.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1580″]
Ms. K. Kavitha M.Sc(.IT)., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1581″]
Dr. R.Sridevi M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1582″]
M.Sivakami M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1583″]
US.Kirutikaa M.Sc-IT, M.Phil–CS., [popup_anything id=”1584″]

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was established in 2006 at the inception of the College. With an intake of 39 Students and 5 Staff Members. The department has both UG and PG Programmes. The department has the strong commitment to a high standard of academic excellence and aims to provide the sound foundation of theory and concepts in computer science and expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing. The department is equipped with good lab facilities with 60 systems of high end configuration and Internet broadband Connection. The fast changing scenario in computer science necessitates the department to actively extend its focus and activities in developing the students to compete with others. With the good team of dedicated members of the faculty who have apt knowledge, the department has produced a number of University ranks and is dedicated in providing a cutting edge, excellent education in computer science.

M.Sc (Computer Science) is a two year post graduation course. As computer field is booming with wider prospect further expansion, this course will be job oriented and ideally suited for girls.

Staff Members in Computer Science

Name Qualification View
R. Sivagami M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1586″]
Dr. P. Geetha M.C.A, M.Phil., SET, Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1587″]
Dr. M. Janaki M.Sc., M.Phil., SET [popup_anything id=”1588″]
V.Parimala M.C.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1589″]
MR. Nithyakalyani M.Sc (CS)., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1590″]
G. Divya M.Sc., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1591″]
Dr. P.Pandi Selvi M.C.A,M.Phil.,Ph.D., [popup_anything id=”1592″]

Department of Microbiology and Clinical Lab Technology

The Department of Microbiology and Clinical Lab Technology was initiated in the Year 2009 to offer the course for Under Graduates in Microbiology and Clinical Lab Technology. The Lab is designed with highly sophisticated equipment and instruments which provide ample opportunities to students for obtaining practical knowledge and implementing theoretical classroom learning in practice. The department comprises a team of technically competent faculty members.

Staff Members in Microbiology and Clinical Lab Technology

Name Qualification View
Dr.Ms.B.Eswaripriya M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., [popup_anything id=”1594″]
Mrs.N.Sudha M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D) [popup_anything id=”1595″]
Dr.K.Ilavarasi M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1596″]
P.Rathi Devi M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1597″]

Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology was established in the Year 2009. The department aims to mould the students into best biotechnologists equipped with strong basics and enormous technical skills backed with discipline. The biotech lab is well equipped with advanced equipments. The department also trains the students to work in any biotechnical laboratory. The department comprises a team of technically competent qualified, dedicated faculty members.

Staff Members in Biotechnology

Name Qualification View
J. Chitra M.Sc, M.Phil.,SET [popup_anything id=”1598″]
K. Vallipriya M.Sc., [popup_anything id=”1599″]
G. Buvaneswari M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed [popup_anything id=”1600″]
Dr. K.Devi M.Sc., Ph.D [popup_anything id=”1601″]

Department of English

The Department of English has been functioning as a language department since the inception of the college in 2006. It grew into a major department in 2009 with 4 staff members and 34 students. It provides Standard English education and training to learners with special attention to vernacular medium students. The department is aspiring to establish a high-tech language lab to teach Phonetics and other communication skills to the students. Seminars and Workshops are organized to enhance awareness on emerging techniques in teaching and learning English language and literature among the staff and the students. Online English literary journal and magazine for the college is published.

Staff Members in English

Name Qualification View
Ms.N. Alagumeenal M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. [popup_anything id=”1603″]
Mrs.S.SherlinSunitha Esther M.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1605″]
Ms.S.Sudha M.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1606″]
Ms.S.Sathya M.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1607″]
Ms.P.Sundari M.A.,M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1608″]
Ms.K.Manjula M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1609″]
Ms.Chilambuselvi M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1610″]
Ms.S.Maragatham M.A.,M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1611″]
Ms.P.Asha M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., [popup_anything id=”1612″]
P. Amutha M.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1613″]
L.Lakshmi M.A., M.Phil. [popup_anything id=”1614″]
Gayatri Devi.P M.A., M.Phil., [popup_anything id=”1615″]

Department of Physics and EC

The Department of Physics was established in the Year 2011. Physics also undergirds many new technologies. Cell Phones, Internet and MRI are only a few examples of the physics-based technological developments that have revolutionized our world. This discipline provides an opportunity for both who aspire to become teachers and also can work in mechanical and electrical field.

Staff Members in Electronics and Communication and Physics

Name Qualification View
Dr.M.Meenakshi M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. [popup_anything id=”1616″]
Ms.D.Nagajothi M.Sc., [popup_anything id=”1617″]
S.SUBBULAKSHMI M.Sc., M.Phil. [popup_anything id=”1618″]
MS. Kalaivani M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil. [popup_anything id=”1619″]
V.SHANMUGA PRIYA M.Sc., M.Phil. [popup_anything id=”1620″]
S. Karthika B.E. [popup_anything id=”1621″]

Department of Tamil

Part – I Language Faculties

Name Qualification Department View
Dr.G. Kalaivani M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D Tamil [popup_anything id=”1622″]
V. Vairamani M.A.,M.Phil., Tamil [popup_anything id=”1623″]
Ms.AR.Kayalvizhi M.A.,M.Phil., Tamil [popup_anything id=”1624″]
Dr.S.Sangeetha M.A.,Ph.D,NET Tamil [popup_anything id=”1625″]

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