ICT Academy

Dr.S.ALAGU – Coordinator


  • Through the membership with ICT Academy, Faculties and students can be benefitted through various initiatives
    • Faculty Development
    • Training programs
    • Skill development
    • Power seminar
    • Research and Industry-Institute interaction.


  • Signed Institutional annual membership during December 2021
    • Through ICT Academy, the college has initiated an academic alliance with UI path for ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION course – RPA SKILLATHON 2021(December 2021).
    • 439 students have enrolled for the course and 150 students have successfully completed the course and received diploma certificate.
    • Around 500 colleges have participated in this event and Dr.URCW stood in 36th position out of 500.
  • Students have participated in VM WARE Workstation power seminar in online mode.
  • Faculties are trained with ten online FDP programs and a certificate course program in various discipline
  • ATOS CSR Sponsored training programme on Retail Team leader was conducted.
    • The training period is 100 hours.
    • The training commenced on 31 – July 2023
    • Anjaline from ICT academy was the resource person for technical and soft skills
    • The 100 hour training programme was successfully completed on 17-August 2023.
    • The final assessment was conducted on 27th September 2023

Retail team leader address by our Respected principal

Training session for students

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