The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at Dr.URCW was established in the year 2010. IQAC has been constituted as per the recommendations of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). IQAC ensures the effective implementation of quality initiatives through continuous reviews and periodic meetings. IQAC works towards attaining excellence in all academic and administrative endeavours of the University and to achieve the higher accreditation status.


To develop a quality culture in the institution by promoting innovation, advocating inclusion, catalysing the holistic growth and thus making URCW globally known for its Excellence.


  • To establish a robust system for continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the college
  • Fostering an environment that empowers women through equitable access to quality education, leadership development, and holistic personal growth.


We at Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College are committed in

  • Promoting innovative and inclusive teaching-learning methodologies that foster critical thinking, effective communication, and lifelong learning skills.
  • Providing a supportive and empowering environment that celebrates diversity and cultivates ethical leadership qualities in women.
  • Encouraging collaboration and open communication among all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.
  • Ensuring high-quality, relevant academic programs that are responsive to the evolving needs of students and employers.


  • Enhancement in academic and administrative excellence.
  • Improvement in Students’ Soft skills and Technical Skills.
  • Enrichment in professional growth of both faculty and staff.
  • Promote the use of ICT.
  • Promote and strengthen the relationship among Industry, Faculty and Student.
  • Promote the interdisciplinary Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurial.


  • Deriving Quality Parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the Institution.
  • Facilitating the creation of a conducive environment for quality education and faculty training to adopt the required knowledge and technology for the enriched teaching and learning process.
  • Development and application of quality bench marks Improvement in Students’ Soft skills and Technical Skills.
  • Implement programs and workshops, seminars that cultivate leadership skills and confidence in women, preparing them for future professional and personal success.
  • Work with external organizations and networks to create opportunities for student internships, and career development focused on empowering women.
  • Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related academic and institutional processes.
  • Conducting periodical meetings to assess and ensure the quality standards of the process and executing corrective measures for the identified issues.
  • Conducting the Academic and IQAC internal auditing every semester by a team by the IQAC Committee.

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