Students Welfare Cell

The Student Welfare Cell at Umayal Ramanathan College serves as a dedicated hub for addressing the holistic well-being of students within the institution. Committed to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment, the cell actively engages with students to understand their concerns and provide appropriate assistance and guidance. Whether it’s academic challenges, personal issues, or career aspirations, the Student Welfare Cell offers a range of resources and services to empower students in their journey. From counseling and mentorship programs to organizing workshops and events focused on mental health awareness and skill development, the cell endeavors to foster the overall growth and development of every student. Through its proactive approach and student-centric initiatives, the Student Welfare Cell at Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College plays a pivotal role in promoting student success and well-being, ensuring that every student feels supported and valued throughout their academic tenure.

Objectives of the cell:

  • Offer personalized support: Address academic, personal, and career-related concerns through counseling and mentorship programs.
  • Promote mental well-being: Organize workshops and events to raise awareness and provide resources for stress management and emotional resilience.
  • Foster holistic growth: Provide opportunities for leadership development to empower students for success beyond academia.


  • J. Chitra


  • S. Sudha
  • Mrs. J. Devika

Mental Health Awareness Program by Students’ Welfare Cell

Nutritionally Balanced Cookery Competition by Student Welfare Cell

Moral Storytelling by Student Welfare Cell

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