Health & Wellness Club



  • To Impress upon our campus and community the importance of overall wellness pertaining to the physical, social and mental well-being of the individual.
  • To create an understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyle through Health Education programs and to spread the awareness.
  • To create awareness on aspects of personal health to the students and overall well being of an individual.
  • To make students understand the factors that influence health and to promote choices that impact health of people on campus, in society and to the wider community.

Our Student S.Priyadharshini of III B.Com(G) perform yoga and explained about its benfits.

Students were practiced about basic steps of silambam

Dr.P.Amutha , Assistant professor, Department of English trained the students to perform zumba dance

Yoga instructor Mrs.Chitra devi of Alagappa School trained the students for yoga and meditation

Dr.NaveenaElango  from shanthi dental care hospital , karaikudi has delivered oral health hygiene and related issues on teeth and gums

Awareness program on PCOD problems

The club  organized an awareness program on PCOD problems. Dr. Ponmalarsrinivasan M.B.B.S., M.H.Sc(Diab), Gynaecologist and health physician, Diabetic Specialist, Malar Clinic,Karaikudi delivered a special address to the glooming buddies about PCOD problems and various steps to prevent the same on 7th March 2023 . The final part of the session is geared with an interactive platform in which thoughtful knowledge about teen age health problem where shared.

On behalf of our health and wellness club, we have organized an awareness program on PCOD problems. Dr. Ponmalarsrinivasan M.B.B.S., M.H.Sc(Diab), Gynecologist and health physician, Diabetic Specialist,MalarClinic,Karaikudi delivered a special address to the glooming buddies about PCOD problems

Mediation Time

Meditation is a part of mind physique activity which comforts weaver mind and assist to make nice decisions. Meditation for everyone needs to be compulsory for every day. Keeping this motto Health and Wellness club of our college initiates a small step for carrying out mind exercises. To reduce the same every individual of our college participated in meditation for five minutes after the prayer. The glimpses of the same are schemed here.

A prolific view of students undergoing meditation before beginning of regular class hours


Millet Based Food Exhibition

Health and Wellness Club has organized an one day food exhibition on Millet Based Food as FOOD FEST’23 on 30th August 2023. To create an Importance of Millets for nourshing our body health has to be inculcated to the growing buddies. So that Health and Wellness  club co-ordinators M.Sivakami, Dept. of IT and R.Shanmugapriya, Dept of BBA has organized the event. Students from various departments have exhibited their cusine and explained the benefits of the millets. Totally 15 teams have participated. Out of 15 teams three teams were selected as the prize winners and appreciated with the prize winning certificates Dr.J.Chitra served as the jury for this event. All the participants were received their particpation certificate. Dr.R.Sundaram,  Charted Accountant,R.Sundaram &Associates had distributed the certificates to the prize winners. The event was successfully completed .

Students have displayed their cuisine and explained about the millets

Dr.J.Chitra,Head, Dept of Biotech has evaluated the millet based food and selected the best.


The Health and Wellness Club conducted a one-day special lecture program on “Lets protect our Heart” on January 19, 2024  Mr.Hemanathan, Trust member, Annai Sri Parvathi Trust, Madurai, provided a special address on preventing heart attacks, adopting healthy lifestyles, and being aware of warning signs.  Approximately 100 students benefited from the session, which proved  to be highly informative to them

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