B A English Literature

B. A. English

B.A. English Literature introduces students to both basic and advanced teachings of English literature. Students are introduced to the nuances and get an understanding of topics like Indian Literature, Western Literature, Contemporary Literature, Milton and Neo-Classical Age, Shakespearean Literature, Elizabethan Age, etc. The students learn the basic techniques of writing and editing and literature.

English Literature entails information regarding social, historical, political or material contexts. It studies several theoretical and methodological practices. It helps in enriching new and highly skilled ways of reading and interpreting.

This course is beneficial for students as a lot of gates are opened for them. After completing this course, students get ample opportunities in both government sectors and private sectors. Ranging from news agencies to business services, there are employment opportunities in almost every field. Students can also become teachers if the field interests them.

This course is also beneficial in long-run as students are exposed to the basic fundamentals of language and this boosts their communication skills and also their ability to mix with people. The atmosphere inculcated makes students responsible citizens and they also learn how to contribute towards society. Throughout the course, they are introduced to various kinds of ideologies.

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