Programme Outcomes

PO1: Student would acquire a detailed grounding in the fundamentals of business management.
PO2: Obtain knowledge and skills in management, finance, accounting, human resource, banking, organizational behavior, production and laws.
PO3: Expose business related interaction skills including communication, leadership and team spirit and lifelong learning skills.
PO4: To progress appropriate skills in the students so as to make them capable and furnish themselves self-employment.
PO5: Entitle students to apply knowledge of management theories and practices to rectify business issues.
PO6: Scrutinize universal market opportunities and their influences on tactical marketing decisions.
PO7: Apply telecommunications to enhance organizational effectiveness and create innovative career solutions.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Students will obtain and indicate analytical and problem solving skills within various areas of management, finance, banking, marketing and economics.
PSO2: Equip an opportunity for the students to gain practical disclosure towards the work plan and make them industry ready.
PSO3: Students can able to analyze the various functional and operational issues affecting the organization.
PSO4: Understand the preparation of project report for the functional areas of research.
PSO5: Encourage entrepreneurship by providing understanding the basic principles of creating and managing innovation and new business expansion.

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