Programme Outcome

PO1 To enhance the students with problem solving in the real business environment by way of Industrial training, case studies and projects.
PO2 To facilitate skills and abilities to become competent and competitive to be assured of good careers and job placements.
PO3 To enable professional skill in the application of computer in a globalised environment with effective use of IT tools.
PO4 To develop skilled manpower in the various areas like Banking, Accounting, Marketing Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Computer and Management Information System, Communication, Business Law, mathematics, statistics etc.,
PO5 To provide conceptual knowledge and application skills in the domain of Commerce studies with Computer Applications to sharpen students’ analytical and decision making skills.
PO6 Understanding the role and applicability of knowledge acquired in the context of society, environment and sustainable development sticking on to the ethics and values.
PO7 Developing effective communication skills and ability to work in teams by strengthening group dynamics.

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