Programme Outcome

PO1: Scientific aptitude will be developed in Students
PO2: Students will acquire basic Practical skills & Technical knowledge along with domain knowledge of different subjects in the Computer Science & humanities stream.
PO3: Students will become employable; Students will be eligible for career opportunities in education field, Industry, or will be able to opt for entrepreneurship.
PO4: Students will possess basic subject knowledge required for higher studies, professional and applied courses.
PO5: Students will be aware of and able to develop solution oriented approach towards various Social and Environmental issues.
PO6: Ability to acquire in-depth knowledge of several branches of Computer Science and aligned areas. This Programme helps learners in building a solid foundation for higher studies in Computer Science and applications.
PO7: The skills and knowledge gained leads to proficiency in analytical reasoning, which can be utilized in modeling and solving real life problems.
PO8: Utilize computer programming skills to solve theoretical and applied problems by critical understanding, analysis and synthesis.
PO9: To recognize patterns and to identify essential and relevant aspects of problems.
PO10: Ability to share ideas and insights while seeking and benefitting from knowledge and insight of others.
PO11: Mould the students into responsible citizens in a rapidly changing interdependent society.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Think in a critical and logical based manner
PSO2: Familiarize the students with suitable software tools of computer science and industrial applications to handle issues and solve problems in mathematics or statistics and real time application related sciences.
PSO3: Know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.
PSO4: Understand, formulate, develop programming model with logical approaches to a address issues arising in social science, business and other contexts.
PSO5: Acquire good knowledge and understanding to solve specific theoretical and applied problems in advanced areas of Computer science and Industrial statistics.
PSO6: Provide students/learners sufficient knowledge and skills enabling them to undertake further studies in Computer Science or Applications or Information Technology and its allied areas on multiple disciplines linked with Computer Science.
PSO7: Equip with Computer science technical ability, problem solving skills, creative talent and power of communication necessary for various forms of employment.
PSO8: Develop a range of generic skills helpful in employment, internships& societal activities.
PSO9: Get adequate exposure to global and local concerns that provides platform for further exploration into multi-dimensional aspects of computing sciences.

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