Programme Outcomes

PO1: Inculcate four language skills LSRW
PO2: It enables the learners to negotiate concepts, ideas and critical approaches to literature.
PO3: Learners will interpret text with attention to ambiguity, complexity and aesthetic values.
PO4: Acquire adequate knowledge and skills for creativity, analytical and critical thinking.
PO5: Apply the knowledge of their discipline for the attainment of solutions to the problems they come across in their day to day life / activities.
PO6: Communicate the fundamental and advanced concepts of English literary tradition in written and oral form.
PO7: Acquire the ability to grow as individuals and to contribute to the development of the community.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1 Comprehend various forms of literature like prose, poetry, drama, fiction, common wealth,

Indian Writing

PSO2 Apprehend different cultures and cultural sensibilities around the world.
PSO3 Perspectives of literary movements that existed in different ages.
PSO4 Develop the knowledge of grammatical system of English language
PSO5 Define literary theory and terms and criticism.

English idioms by