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Education being the major part in developing a nation in all aspects, the higher education institutions have their own responsibility in fostering quality education to the younger generation. As per the guidelines of NAAC, The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in Dr.URCW was established in the year 2010.

The primary aim is to ensure sustained quality in education and enhancement of resources to facilitate improvement in teaching, learning, research and extra-curricular activities.

The IQAC functions as an integral part of the institution and realizes its responsibility in bringing the holistic development as a step towards excellence. It organizes orientation programme for faculties, non-teaching and administrative staff members and extends support for organizing various activities. It facilitates documentation of the activities conducted by the departments. Through all these measures IQAC happens to be one of the important components of the college and act as a dynamic system for quality changes in HEI’s.

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